Welcome to my website!
I am a bassist and educator, based in the Netherlands. I’m currently teaching at ArtEZ Jazz & Pop (Arnhem, NL) and Rockacademie (Tilburg, NL) with a large playing practice in the Netherlands & Belgium, mainly as a bassist/vocalist for Frank Boeijen, alongside other projects.

This website started out as a platform for my transcriptions, mainly bassguitar parts. I got many requests on my YouTube channel for putting transcriptions online. Although not all of my YT stuff is available yet, it should be within a few months. So please, stay tuned. You can connect with me through e-mail below.
Also, for more information: https://linktr.ee/CharlesNgtzm

Interview “Know Your Bass Player: https://knowyourbassplayer.com/2022/10/13/charles-nagtzaam-bassist-educator/